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[TowerTalk] Stacking vert & horiz 2 meter beams

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stacking vert & horiz 2 meter beams
From: (Scott Neader KA9FOX)
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 21:48:11 -0500
Thanks to all who responded to my query about the mystery Cushcraft beam.
I wound up talking to Art at Cushcraft and he identified the beam (I think
he said it was a 12-2) and told me it was designed for the FM part of the
band and would not go down to 144mhz without heavy mods.  He suggested that
I just buy a new Cushcraft 13 element 2 meter beam which is tunable for
that part of the band for $100 and be done with it.  I agreed!

So, now my next question... can I stack the 12 element 2 meter beam
vertically (for FM work) below or above the 13 element 2 meter beam that
will be horizontal (for SSB work).

The mast will be 8 feet inside the tower and 14 feet out.  The 14 feet of
mast sticking out of the top of the tower would look something like this:

14 feet above tower:  13 element Cushcraft 2 meter beam, horizontal
10 feet above tower:  12 element Cushcraft 2 meter beam, vertical
 6 feet above tower:  6 element Cushcraft 6 meter beam
 1 foot above tower:  9 element C4XL beam

Will the two 2 meter beams mess each other up?

Here's a side question... how much extra coax do you leave at the top of
the tower to safely allow 360 degrees of rotor turning?

Bonus question:  Where is true north? (just kidding!!!!!)

Thanks to all!

73 - Scott KA9FOX
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