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Subject: [TowerTalk] Best Antenna Wire ?
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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:10:26 EDT
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Hi Joe,  I saw the astute answer you received from my friend and affiliated
business person, Press Jones. Press and I carry almost the same variety of
choices and we work together to supply quality/variegated needs.   I just
wanted to add some specs on the "FLEX-WEAVE" Tm (trademarked by my firm) in
case you have applications for it.  We've sold it for more than 10 years now
with excellent results.  It has been written up in all the ham magazines and
used commercially and by the various governments.   The # 14 is 168 strands of
#36, rope ganged for strength.  The #12 is 259 strands, same construction .
You can tie inots with this wire, untie them and smooth out the wire and you
can hardly tell it has been know tied.  Thus it is great for flexibility and
ease of use.  We have it in bare or with a U.V. resistant PVC jacket of either
black, camafl. green or  clear.  Millions of feet have been used bare with
excellent long term results.  We only highly recommend the jacketed type if in
a salt air environment or if tree branch, etc. , rubbing may occur. It is
easily solderable and if you use bare, it will oxidize over time but
resoldering can be accomplished first using plumbers deox solution.  As far as
practical application lengths go:  #14 for continuous wire lengths up to 170
ft. (continuous, not the overall length of a dipole) and for longer lengths or
high wind areas, use the #12.   The list price on #14 bare is 14 cents/ft and
#12 is 17 cents, average, and add about 5 cents and 9 cents for U.V./ PVC
jacketing, #14 and #12 respectively.     Many dealers sell it.  For a photo
image of the wire and stranding, etc. see our web site at
good luck with your project.  Call us or the Wireman anytime if we can help.
73, Steve Davis, K1PEK   DAVIS RF Co.

DAVIS RF Co., Commercial wire/cable, RF connectors, custom cable design.
Discounts to hams.   BURY-FLEX ? low loss HF-microwave HDPE coax;........
FLEX-WEAVE? aerial wire. Registered trademarks of Davis Associates, Inc. .
LMR ?, Heliax?, etc.  Visit our web site at   1-800-328-4773
(800 DAVIS RF)
"The Triad":   DAVIS RF Co., ORION WIRE CORP and The WIREMAN:  Three types of
expertise, three corporate buying power and customer inter-personal
relationships benefitting all.

<< I need some suggestions about antenna wire... what I should look for and 
 where to look for it.
 I've been asked to find 800-1000 feet of wire suitable for making any of a 
 variety of "wire" antennas such as loops, Vees, slopers, etc. for low 
 band (160-40 M) use. The wire will be used in a location where high 
 winds and ice are not unusual, so tensile strength is important. 
 Flexibility is also a factor as trees are the prime means of suspension
 and support. 

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