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[TowerTalk] Best Antenna Wire ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Best Antenna Wire ?
From: (Larry Lindblom)
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 18:56:58 -0500

Jim Pratt wrote:

> Not to get into a huge debate here, but to offer some empirical data instead:
> Some years ago, we erected an 80 meter loop antenna system at W6GO.
> Originally, the antenna was made of FlexWeave, and it did not survive
> very long.  It was later retrofitted to CCS wire and has remained up in
> the air for several years, through very high winds and "El Nino".
> Given the applause for FlexWeave from many quarters, it MUST have been an
> installation error on our part...  ;=>
> Take this info in the spirit in which it was given.  73!
> Jim  N6IG


Similar experience here with the FlexiWeave type wire.  Was so impressed by all
the talk that I decided to use it for a 4-square array of 80 meter phased lazy
vees.  Within a week of going up on the tower they started crashing down.  They
were replace with antennas made of  7 strand hard drawn 14 gage which has
performed much better in terms of endurance.  In looking over the FlexiWeave
antennas that crashed to ground I think my mistake was soldering it at the 
and end insulators.  It appeared the transition from rigid (soldered) to 
(no solder) led to the strands flexing and breaking  at the transition point 
there weren't enough strands left to support the load.

So your not alone in making an installation error.

73 from Iowa
Larry L, w0etc

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