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[TowerTalk] Breaking up guys

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Breaking up guys
From: (J.P. Kleinhaus)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 11:53:35 -0400

I am looking at a chart from the ARRL antenna book that relates to
breaking up guys to avoid resonances.  I notice that there are two
possible lengths of interest; 27.5' looks like it will be good on
all bands, including WARC. while 58' looks like it will work well
on all but 24 MHz.

My primary interest is contesting, so I can really live without
the WARC bands, or at worst, some pattern distortion should I
decide later to put up a yagi for 12 and 17.

I intend to run stacks, so will break up every guy wire, as some 
antennas will ultimately be "looking" through a set of guys.

Question:  Is anyone using the 58 foot length and finding it
UNsatisfactory?  It will save some money on insulators, grips
and thimbles if I can double the length of the unbroken sections.

73, J.P. W2XX
J.P. Kleinhaus, W2XX  (fdba AA2DU)

As we say in the software business:  "You are hosed."  

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