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Subject: [TowerTalk] CQ-Contest Reflector Down...QSYing to Towertalk CQ FQP CQ FQP
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 21:42:55 -0400
Dear Tommy, KN5RRC

QSO parties are fun operating events, there is one this weekend starting at
1800 UTC on Saturday and running til 0400 on - then - you can take a nights
sleep and do it some more on Sunday from 1400 til 2359.  You can operate
all of both of these 10 hour shifts for a total of 20 hours.

This weekends QSO Party is the Florida QSO Party.  Florida stations are
looking to talk to other hams all around the world, and a lot of hams from
around the world are hoping to talk to ALL of the Florida counties!  There
hams trying to make sure all 67 of the Florida counties are put on the air
during the QSO Party.

The hams in Florida will be operating on sideband on the hour, and then
they will be switching to CW on the half hour....the frequencies you are
likely to find the Florida stations around are:

(CW - code)     3545,7045,14045,21045,28045

(SSB-Voice)     3850,7225,14250,21300,28450

Many of the Florida stations will be operating mobile from their cars and
trucks...some of them even are supposedly renting big Texas sized Motor
homes...don't know if you have any of those out in W7.

There should be a lot of activity, and remember that you can talk to the
mobile stations on more than one band and mode and it is not a duplicate,
there are 10 possible combinations for a good QSO with each station in its
individual county (5 on CW and 5 on SSB).......

You can contact the mobile stations more than once per band mode only when
they change counties, then since they are in a new location it is a new QTH
for them and they will start all over.  One group of hams actually is
trying to operate from over 20 different counties!

Beware, most of these guys will be pretty weak, and they will be sending
three letter county abbreviations on CW so listen closely....all you have
to send them is an RS(T) and your state, easy!

Let me know if I can answer any other questions you might have about the
Florida QSO Party, glad to be of help with your Novice Accent.

TOMORROW is the Florida QSO Party on April 25 & 26!

Just Work It!

Phone on the hour - CW on the half hour....all 67 Florida Counties have
operator commitments!

73, see you in the FQP

Jim, K4OJ

Florida Contest Group - visit our website at:

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rebirth of the Florida QSO Party, check out the FQP website@:

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