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[TowerTalk] Ham's DO MOVE TOWERS (survey results)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ham's DO MOVE TOWERS (survey results)
From: (Ed Gray W0SD)
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:12:06 -0500

Thank you very much for the response to help the South Dakota amateurs out
with some data in regards to the question, if amateur towers are sold as
part of the real estate sale when an amateur moves or are they moved?

Here are the results:

So far I have received returns from 26 amateurs

80 real estate sales and moves were reported by these 26 amateurs and in
all cases they moved all of their towers!!!!  Not once did they remain and
become a part of the real estate sale.

One ham left a power pole that he had never used and one ham left a small
tower with a TV antenna on it.

NO HAMS REPORTED LEAVING THEIR TOWERS and several mentioned removal of
their towers were a written condition of the closing agreement.

Twenty two of the moves were multiple tower moves.

None of these amateurs were aware that their towers were ever taxed at any

In South Dakota the real property law is quite clear that the major factor
if something becomes real property vs. personal property is if it is
permanently located on the property and becomes a part of the real estate.
The law specifically defines the term "REQUIRED TO BE PERMANENTLY LOCATED"
as meaning its economic life and not perpetuity.  Therefore proof that
towers are not permanently located and sold with the real estate but rather
are temporary and go with the amateur should be valuable to our case.

73, Ed-W0SD
Ed Gray
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