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[TowerTalk] Time/Date Of Postings (Slightly Off Subject)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Time/Date Of Postings (Slightly Off Subject)
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 11:15:17 -1000
At 04:50 PM 4/25/98 +0000, Malcolm Clark wrote:

>Over the last few weeks I've noticed a lot of us have PC clocks that are
>none too accurate.  Often a reply has an earlier date/time than the
>original message.  So I thought I'd pass on the skinny about a really
>neat piece of software for Windows 95/NT called Dimension 4.

Aloha,  But there is an even better and more accurate one,  which
is also FREE!  It "pings" the connection between you and NIST or
the Naval Observatory,  adjusts the incoming signal depending
upon the measured path delay,  and can set your computer
clock to within a few msec.  Dimension 4 does not compensate
for Internet  connection route delays,  and is at best accurate to
around a half second or so;  just in case you want real
accuracy,  you can have it.

To set your computer clock to NIST,  almost exactly,  download the
free program from:

This program will set your computer clock with extreme accuracy.
If the NIST site is busy when you happen to try,  this program
 switches automatically to the US Naval Observatory clock and 
does the same process!

So far as I know,  this "careware" program (for a definition of same,
see the site above)  is the only program with "ping" compensation;
Atomic clock,  Dimension 4, etc  all can at best get you within
500 msec or so,  sometimes not that good because of the randomness
of the path which the Internet will provide between you and NIST.

Have fun!

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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