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[TowerTalk] Tramming/mast pipes (Was about "time/datestamping")

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tramming/mast pipes (Was about "time/datestamping")
From: (Mike)
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 16:34:35 -0500
>On a tower-related topic (I have to vindicate myself!)... sure have
>appreciated the info (particularly the archives) on such things as how to
>tram, how to lift heavy masts, etc.  I've just poured the base for an 80ft
>45G on which I hope to put three monobanders. The mechanics of getting a 20
>ft 4130 CrMo mast to the top and tramming an antenna to it would have been
>much more mind boggling without the help of everyone on the reflector. At my
>speed this will still be a many month project!

I hope you are considering what you read in this reflector as regards those
two subjects. This what I did for my two towers:

1. 22' mast pipes: With gin pole put them inside the tower when I had about
30 ft. of tower stacked then raised the mast via my gin pole after all was

2. Tramming; Yes, only way to fly. I trammed up 2 yagis on each tower. If
you tie your tram line on to the mast, "high"; Be cautious you don't bend
your mast pipe when stretching it out, with a vehicle. I 'may have' bent my
one mast pipe a tad as I had to use a compensating mount underbeath my
Create rotor to take out  a 'hang-up' when rotating. Depending upon
how-much you are lifting you may want to consider a back-up guy for the
tram line.

I read that some hook their tram line right at the top of the tower to
avoid the pull on the mast, and then man-handle the yagi up where you want it.

It sure was nice, though to tram up the yagi right where you want to clamp
it to the mast.

Now: That thread has come full circle back to "Towertalk"!

73  de Mike K5UO

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