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[TowerTalk] Tramming/mast pipes

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tramming/mast pipes
From: (K4SB)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 02:15:12 -0700
K7LXC wrote:
>Both of these manuvers are best accomplished by using a comealong, or 
> cable puller. (I've never found vehicles suitable for tower or antenna > work
> The comealong is also invaluable for dealing with masts or any other > heavy 
> loads that you want to move up or down.

You can also use them to raise a 135 pound molydenum mast off your hand
after the safety catch fails. Which then leaves you free to climb down
the tower with one broken hand, about $5000 in medical bills, and 6
to reflect on your stupidity.

Come-A-Long are NOT, repeat NOT meant to be used with vertical loads. 
The are intended for horizontals loads only. ( like pulling your tractor
out of the mud )

A good Cable puller on the other hand costs about $80, and is
specifically designed for this.

Not poking fingers at anyone, but I learned that lesson the hard way.



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