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[TowerTalk] Tramming/mast pipes

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tramming/mast pipes
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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 03:24:51 -0500
Ed -- as I am about to embark on raising such a mast, maybe you can help
clear something up in my mind. I use the terms "come-a-long" and "cable
puller" interchangably, perhaps wrongly. The one I have is a Maasdam
Pow'R-Pull and it is a cable, not rope, device. It was about $35-40 and the
instruction manual very clearly shows it being used to lift vertical loads
(engine blocks, etc). There are no warnings against this in the extensive
list of safety precautions. Why is this an unacceptable application?

Larry WI5A
Friendswood, Tx

K7LXC wrote:
>Both of these manuvers are best accomplished by using a comealong, or 
> cable puller. (I've never found vehicles suitable for tower or antenna > work
> The comealong is also invaluable for dealing with masts or any other >
heavy loads that you want to move up or down.

You can also use them to raise a 135 pound molydenum mast off your hand
after the safety catch fails. Which then leaves you free to climb down
the tower with one broken hand, about $5000 in medical bills, and 6
to reflect on your stupidity.

Come-A-Long are NOT, repeat NOT meant to be used with vertical loads. 
The are intended for horizontals loads only. ( like pulling your tractor
out of the mud )

A good Cable puller on the other hand costs about $80, and is
specifically designed for this.

Not poking fingers at anyone, but I learned that lesson the hard way.



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