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[TowerTalk] junk search--but special junk

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Subject: [TowerTalk] junk search--but special junk
From: (James D. Bruce)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:31:18 -0400
First of all, I'm not affiliated with Lowes or any other store.
While looking around the Lowes hardware store for household items and just
window shopping, I found that they have a limited supply of aluminum tubing
in 8foot sections. The sizes I saw were 3/8" rod, 3/4" tube, 7/8" tube and
1" tube. They appear to be the same wall as what is used on my beams &
verticals and telescope together for a nice fit. They also have the plastic
end caps. this may be another source for HB antenna projects.

Jim Bruce
President/ Owner
Bruce Communications, Inc.
(410) 482-2682
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Date: Sunday, April 19, 1998 06:49
Subject: [TowerTalk] junk search--but special junk

>A while back, I requested help on searching out some junked ground plane
>rod assemblies.  Thanks to Henry Pollock, K4TMC, I now know the specific
>item I used and could use more of.  They are the two piece ground plane
>rod assemblies that went with the Antenna Specialist/Decibel Products CB
>ground plane antenna (ASPA2010).  Henry sent me a set, but I could use a
>few more for experiments.  They consist of a 5/16 rod and a 3/16, with a
>coupling that might take a little liquid wrench and gentle force to
>separate if they have been together very long.
>AS wants to sell entire antennas, not the pieces. At $169 for the antenna,
>this is not a practical way to go.  Hence, I need an alternate source, if
>that is possible.
>a.  If anyone knows how to get replacement assemblies inexpensively, the
>info would be of great help.  Insider assitance accepted with gratitutde.
>b.  If anyone has the ground rod parts from a now defunct version of the
>antenna in question in storage, I would be glad to pay shipping plus some
>fair small fee for them.  They can be separated and them wrapped for UPS
>To add a sense of mystery to this, they are for my "beam-in-a-boom"
>design project, which otherwise shows good promise for 10-meter
>hilltopping from trunk to signal in under 10 minutes.
>Thanks in advance.
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