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[TowerTalk] high dipoles/low beams on 80

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Subject: [TowerTalk] high dipoles/low beams on 80
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 22:47:55 -0400 (EDT)
The posts about high dipoles hits a nerve.  many moons ago N4RJ got a 3 el
KLM 80 from Wa7NIN.  I remember the outrigger that monster turned out to be.
It kept falling apart.  Finally N4RJ put together a single element
in a much better mechanical condition and put that up at 180' (you could see
it for miles).  It worked better than than the poor 3 el.  In fact it was a
band opener and closer.

WX4G had excellent luck with a rotary dipole at 135 ft.   K4JPD told him he
was the only local to keep up with his 2el at 180'.

I don't think low beams work well on 80, but I put together a 2 el 75 on an
old TET 40 36'boom.  I used square dipole elements (full size but actually
rectangular...look in Dec 1973 CQ at the G3PTV array in W6SAI col) and fed
it HB9CV style.  It was only at 71' but it did work JT1/UA9 at S7 (K4JPD got
S8).  Wish it could have been mounted higher. Boy could it run EU, too. I
got afraid that with 2 other big beams on the same tower so took it
down...its in my basement.  Of course a 2el beam at 71' is better than a
inverted V dipole at the same height. 

Dave K4JRB

If you don't have a dozen or so antenna projects in your basement (or
backyard) that tried or failed or blew down you then you have not lived low

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