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[TowerTalk] Breaking up guys

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Breaking up guys
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 07:16:29 +0000
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> Hi Tom:
> One of the suggestions I received was to model the whole sucker
> with EZNEC or a similar program.  If there is no current on
> the guys, then I'm cool.

That's true. If there is *no* current there is no radiation. But 
keep in mind *small* radiation effects can, under the right 
conditions, add up to a large combined effect.

How would you model the wire loops through the insulators? As loads 
of  a certain capacitance (that's all I can think of doing!)? If so, 
what capacitance?

I would think it is very important to include the effects of the wire 
loops at the ends, especially with longer guy line sections!

> I understand your comment about non-resonant lengths re-radiating.
> Most of the suggestions received are pointing to breaking up the
> guys in shorter, not longer lengths.  Some even go so far as to break
> the guys every 12 feet close to the tower and then increase the
> spacing from there as you get farther away.  I guess that's the
> ultimate solution to guarantee the minimum interaction.

That's what I do, always trying to keep the wires shorter than 1/8 wl 
on the band of interest when within 1/2 wl of the antenna.

502 D insulators are only $2.25 each brand new from Porcelean 
Products, and 1/4 inch preforms are much less than $2.00 (I've 
found them as cheap as $.79 each in bulk) from utility supply houses. 
EHS 1/4 inch guy line is a few cents a foot from utility suppliers 
(yes, they sell EHS if you well as lower strength grades).

73, Tom W8JI

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