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[TowerTalk] C3 or C4 Antenna Question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] C3 or C4 Antenna Question
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Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 10:23:37 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-28 05:55:54 EDT, writes:

> I am looking to replace my TH7dxs with either a C3 or C4. Have gotten
>  some quotes from vendors but no one seems to stock either antenna and
>  the wait is 4-5 weeks before possible arrival. Is there a vendor who
>  has  it in stock? 

      Not that I'm aware of. I don't think Force 12 has it in stock either.
Place your order and wait. 

>I am curious as to how well this antenna C3 or C4
>  compare to the TH7? 

TH7 typical gain
20M  2.5 dBd
15M  2.5 
10M  3.0

C-3 typical gain
20M  3 dBd
15M  4
10M  3
       These are approximations from our antenna test results. The results
will be presented at Visalia and Dayton next month. Published results will be
available in June.

>How well they hold up with winter winds and icing
>  here in my area of Southern New England. 

      Both antennas are excellent mechanically. The C-3 is rated to 80 MPH but
you can get a heavier duty 100 MPH version for 10% more $. The TH7 is already
rated to 100 MPH.

>Unfortunatelly the TH7 has
>  developed swr problems especially on 15M, I suspect resident spiders or
>  ant debris in the trap/coils. M<y reason for considering they C3 0r C4
>  is for use on the 12/17M bands also if I decide on the C4 can this be
>  also used on 30M? 

       The C-3 requires a tuner on 12 and 17 and I don't think you can get the
linear loaded 40M elements to work on 30M. 

     Other options? The TH11 is good but the new Bencher Skyhawk has excellent
gain and it's amazingly flat across the bands.
Bencher Skyhawk
20M  4 dBd
15M  4 dBd
10M  5 dBd

Cheers,  Steve  KLXC

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