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[TowerTalk] Poor Man's Rhombic

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Poor Man's Rhombic
From: (Ward Silver)
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 07:43:33 -0700 (PDT)
Oh, now this is interesting - so maybe a poor man's rhombic could be made
from one good-sized support?  Run a slantend wire up from ground level,
back to ground level, terminate at one end and feed at the other.  Hmmm...
It might have to be a pretty high support, but Western Wash has some
pretty sizable Douglas Firs.

Anybody tried this configuration below 20-meters?

73, Ward N0AX

> John: A real "Inverted Vee" is an end fed wire that
> is precisely a half rhombic, several wavelengths long, and
> terminated on the far end.
> It was originally called the "Collins Antenna", but that gave
> way to Inverted Vee. What hams call an inverted vee is
> just a drooping dipole, called inverted vee because of it's
> shape.
> de KL7HF
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> From: John Brosnahan <>
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To: <>
> Date: Tuesday, April 28, 1998 4:41 AM
> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New Discussion Topic: Dipole secrets
> >>(An Inverted V is really a half-Rhombic turned on its side, with the 
> >>earth forming the other half. Somehow we started calling droopy 
> >>dipoles Invereted V's.)
> >
> >Au contraire:
> >
> >An inverted V is a reasonable description of the antenna that is
> >based on a dipole.  Calling it a " half-Rhombic turned on its side"
> >is not only more clumsy to say it is also technically incorrect.
> >The rhombic has legs that are MULTIPLE 1/4 Wavelengths on
> >a side (when used in the resonant mode without a termination), 
> >whereas the inverted V has only a SINGLE 1/4 wave on a side.
> >In the non-resonant mode the rhombic still has legs MUCH longer
> >that a 1/4 wavelength and requires terminations--something that is
> >never done with an inverted V.
> >
> >73  John  W0UN
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