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[TowerTalk] C3 or C4 Antenna Question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] C3 or C4 Antenna Question
From: (Doug Westover )
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 08:41:06 -0700
I've used a C4S (short boom version of the C4) for almost 3 years and have
been quite pleased with it:

    1.) I find it works as well on 17 meters as it does on 10-15-20. Note
        however that the directivity is REVERSED on 17. The tuner in my
        TS-870 handles the ~3:1 SWR quite well.

    2.) I find performance on 12 meters to be decidely lacking, in fact
        loading up the 40 meter dipole portion of the antenna on 12 is
        much better than using the beam. This may be different on the
        full size C3/C4.

    3.) The 40 meter dipole does not work on 30 meters, beleive me I've
        tried. For that band I had Tom build me a version of the Force 12
        'ZR' vertical works quite well.

Doug W6JD

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