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[TowerTalk] New Discussion: Dipole Secrets Part II

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Discussion: Dipole Secrets Part II
From: (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 16:42:13 -0500
>What is the collective experience with a lower dipole?  Has
anyone modeled
>an dipole at 60 feet or less with trees, powerlines, guys,
swingsets, chain
>link fences and all?



I have an inverted/drooping Vee with the apex at a bit over 60
feet.  One leg extends down to the south-southeast towards the
back fence and bisects , but is above the south and
east-northeast upper and lower guy legs.  The other dipole leg
heads straight north to the house's front eave.  The end
insulator is usually about 5 feet from or in the midst of the
branches/leaves of my front yard's tree--it's big.

Above the Vee is the top of my 80 half-sloper, and A3S.  Below is
the other A3.

The Vee is flat across the lower 90 kHz of the 40m band.

I am continually amazed at what I can do with this antenna.
Once, many years ago, I was fooling around in the shack and heard
a 9V1 calling CQ on 40 around 7012 kHz...this was at about 2200Z.
I just about blew it off, but figured I'd give a call  He came right back to me and he was indeed in
Singapore...we QSO'd for about 10 minutes...he knew some Houston
hams...when we finished the QSO, who knew so many people would be
home and on 7012 all at one time at that time of day!

I've also busted pileups I initially thought I would have to
spend some real time in.

I know Dave/K5GN and Tom/K5RC would say the usual realtor's motto
about my house and the "radio effectiveness" here:  "It's
location, location, location."  That may be, but I also think
antennas have something to do with it, too.  For that reason,
even after getting the 40m add-on kit on the A3S at 70', I still
have the Vee up and connected.

>I wait for the collective wisdom to speak.

Oh....well, never mind then.


dale, kg5u

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