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[TowerTalk] A GREAT (to me) Dipole experience

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Subject: [TowerTalk] A GREAT (to me) Dipole experience
From: (Dennis Schaefer)
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 22:23:01 -0500
At 07:04 PM 4/27/98 -0500, Dale Jones K5MM wrote:
> To:  Tom - K5RC
> Really enjoyed reading your posting about the 'high' dipole
> that you & others put together for K5XI.  It reminded me of
> one of my own FUN and effective high-dipole stories.
> During the mid 1960's, I lived in Tucson AZ while going to 
> the Univ of Arizona.  While there, I was a Broadcast radio 
> station engineer in afternoons, evenings, and weekends.  KTKT 
> was the local Rock & Roll station on 990 KHz A.M., ran 10 kw 
> to 5 separate phased towers.

Speaking of the mid 1960's, anybody remember W4RNG?  His name is Dennis and
he lived in Norman, OK.  He was going to school there, and used a dipole up
very high on a microwave tower.  Was also rumored to run a little power. 

Back in my college days at Ouachita University (home of Dallas Cowboys
great, Cliff Harris),  we had a club station.  There was a ravine cutting
through the middle of campus about 60 feet deep.  On each side of the
ravine were 60 ft. pine trees.  Several of us pooled what little money we
had and bought about 300 ft of RG-58.  We shot arrows over the trees and
pulled up a  80M dipole.  It was about 120 ft up above the bottom of the
ravine, and the ravine was pretty swampy.  We used an HW-12 and an old 811A
amp, and this setup worked like a bomb!  Worked more EU from there than
anywhere else.  

There was one problem.  The tree on the far side of the ravine was next to
the football jocks dorm, and then kept cutting the nylon string for fun.
We outlasted them, but keeping the antenna up was just too much trouble.
It was great fun while it lasted, though!  

Dennis,  W5RZ

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