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[TowerTalk] Poor Man's Rhombic

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Poor Man's Rhombic
From: (PaulKB8N)
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 23:02:49 EDT
In a message dated 98-04-28 22:56:46 EDT, writes:

<< Oh, now this is interesting - so maybe a poor man's rhombic could be made
 > from one good-sized support?  Run a slantend wire up from ground level,
 > back to ground level, terminate at one end and feed at the other.  Hmmm...
 > It might have to be a pretty high support, but Western Wash has some
 > pretty sizable Douglas Firs.
 >  >>
Ward, I've done it and it works quite well.  If you can scan some old QSTs
there was an article from a ZS back in the 70s who also did this very
sucessfully.  My biggest problem was running the feedline along the ground and
the kids tripping on it.  I'm back to dipoles and satisfied with their
performance, although the end-fed vee gave better directivity and gain.


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