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[TowerTalk] verticals with lots of radials

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Subject: [TowerTalk] verticals with lots of radials
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Date: 29 Apr 1998 05:04:28 -0000
W8JI sez:

>Four elevated radials were down ~1 dB from sixteen BARE wires 
>stapled to the earth, and 60 radials were about 4-5 dB better in all 
>The same results appeared in over the air tests, where listeners 
>reported the four radial vertical 5-10 dB down from other antennas. 
>When 60 radials were added, the difference disappeared.

Here is another anecdotal data point:

>From California, I was never able to work JA on 80 meters using
either a full size dipole at 55 feet or a full size vertical with
2 elevated quarter wave radials, and this was running 700 watts.
They simply couldn't hear me, even if no one else was calling.
A couple of weeks ago I tried a 50 foot vertical with 60 quarter
wave radials laying on the ground (28 gauge magnet wire) and worked
two JA's on 80 easily the first day using 10 (yes TEN) watts.
Not totally scientific but it tends to convince me that W8JI 
is on to something.  BTW, you can buy magnet wire at very 
competitive prices (about $5 a pound) out of the well known
"McMaster" catalog.

Rick Karlquist N6RK

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