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[TowerTalk] wire-plow for 160 mtr radials?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] wire-plow for 160 mtr radials?
From: seay@Alaska.NET (Del Seay)
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:05:21 -0800
If you have access to a "Buzz-Box", it is relatively easy to
build a plow.
The cutting edge is easy, just a good hard steel piece that
extends down to the depth you want. The hard part is
rigging the thing to the tractor. You'll have to weld on what
mounting brackets are required, and also the guides on
the plow to direct the wire behind the plow. Once done,
it sure makes life easy. A 3 hour job of building the plow
can replace a couple of weekends of hand burying.
(I've buried many a mile of cable with an old Fordson type
tractor and a homebrew plow)
de kl7hf

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From: Jack Goforth <>
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Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 7:55 AM
Subject: [TowerTalk] wire-plow for 160 mtr radials?

>Hello towertalkers, need some advice...
>I want to install ground radials for a new two tower vertical array
>on 160 meters.  Would appreciate any information on using a
>"wire-plow" or similar device to install radials.  I have tried
>other common methods like edgers, spades and etc. but find them very
>slow. I saw a broadcast tower installation go in using a plow.
>Two men did three towers, 120 radials at each tower, in one day.
>I have a small tractor, and am interested in making, buying or (renting?)
>something that will make the radial installation go more efficient without
>damaging my lawn. If you have experience or information about this sort of
>thing, I would appreciate your recommendations and advice.
>(I have info on the plow shown in Low Band DXing)
>Thanks & 73,
>Jack  K4IBP
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