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[TowerTalk] 402-CD vs. EF-240X

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 402-CD vs. EF-240X
From: (Kenneth D. Grimm)
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 13:29:06 -0400
>It's the same electrical design with a lot of
> hardware improvements including 90-100 mph wind rating, phillystran truss,
> insulated reflector (using the same hardware pictured in the X7/X9 ads),
> and a balun.  

This comment got me to wondering what the advantages of insulated
parasitic elements on a beam are.  Tom, of Force 12, whose antennas use
insulated parasitic elements on yagis once commented that if you
believed that by removing the insulation and directly grounding the
elements to the boom, in plumber's delight fashion, would produce a
quieter antenna, then go ahead and do it.  My question is, why have
antenna designers decided to insulate anything other than the driven
element in the first place?  Has anyone actually bothered to test the
idea that grounding the elements of a yagi produce a "quieter" antenna
than one with the parasitic elements insulated?

Ken K4XL
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