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[TowerTalk] New Discussion: Dipole Secrets Part II

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Discussion: Dipole Secrets Part II
From: (David Jones)
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 12:45:42 PDT
>Well, since 1 October 1997 I've worked S7, D6, FR5, 5R, H44, H40, KH2, 
>UA9 and a bunch of less difficult stuff with a G5RV only 35 feet (10
>meters) high.  The antenna has a little droop to it, I think one end is
>about 40 feet high, the other about 30 feet high.  The balun just 
>the ground.

For me, with a 40m dipole at 25 feet, with maybe a 3 foot droop, I've 
worked around 85 countries since 13 April 1997 (when I got the new 
call).  This includes countries like 9M6, VR2, KH2, H40, CE9/Antartica, 
LU1Z, HL and such.  On 80 I have only W,VE,XE,KH6, and KL7, so yes, you 
won't work a ton of DX on 80 with a low dipole.  However, 40 and up it 
is possible.  I haven't modeled my antenna, but the pattern has got to 
be awful on 40m, yet I've worked quite a few countries on 40.

Just my own 2 cents.


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