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[TowerTalk] Beam Baluns

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Beam Baluns
From: (Landen Stoker)
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 09:42:23 -0500
With the bands being so good lately, I was playing around in the shack
last night. I happened to remove the 8X jumper  that goes between my
antenna switch and swr meter, so now the antenna coax was hooked up
directly to the meter, and noticed that my swr and bandwidth changed on
15. The bandwidth on my TH3 had now gotten narrower. I was discussing
this with the locals and one suggested that the feed line could be
coupling to the antenna around 21mhz,  and putting a real balun instead
of the existing coax choke might solve my problem. I figured some of the
great minds on the reflector might have some input. If it looks like a
real balun might help out, I would appreciate any suggestions of make
and model. I am sort of looking for one that has so239 in and out, if
there is such a critter. I browsed through the archives and did not find
a whole lot of info on baluns, so I will summarize the replies and post
them to the reflector.
Thanks and 73

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