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[TowerTalk] Stacks-grounding-impressions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stacks-grounding-impressions
From: (Barry Kutner)
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 11:44:52 +0000
On 30 Apr 98, Jay, WX0B <> wrote:

> WX0B-I like this one.  Rain Static in a stack.  This may be anacdotal
> but several of us heard it including very experienced guys lik N5NJ, who
> was running EU on 20m at the time.  We had terrible sizzling static
> appear before a rain storm hit.  I was seemingly being carried in the
> wind before the storm.  And we have heard it hear many times dureing
> contests.  It can get so bad here in Texas that you cannot hear the
> stations calling. 20-30 over S9.  Bob, N5NJ pulled out the headphone
> plug so we all could hear.  I told him to listen while I switched out
> the top beam out of the stack.  Gone.  Back to running.  It happens all
> the time here just befor or during highly charged storms.  For some
> reason the highest antenna in a stack picks up most of the static.  All
> of my beams have grounded elements directly bolted to the boom.  Except
> the 40s.  
> Anyone else notice this?
Absolutely! Using a 2 stack of TH7s, the top one has been 20 over 9 
with static, and the bottom one S6-7. Makes all the difference in the 
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