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[TowerTalk] thanks for 25/45 comments

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Subject: [TowerTalk] thanks for 25/45 comments
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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 20:16:58 EDT
Thanks to everyone for their replies.

Lots of good info.  FYI: I DO have the Rohn catalog, and HAVE read it.  My
yard limits the guy wires to about 38' out from the base, so I think I'm stuck
with a max of about 50 to 60' tower (unless I go freestanding, and don't want
to).  I know that the Rohn drawings assume lots more Heliax running up the
tower than what I will have... so I assume I can stretch their specs a little.

The 15 sq. ft was an estimate.  I don't think I'll go much beyond that since I
can't have the elements hanging over the neighbor's yard (just wait till they
see it... I can just see the dirty looks coming).  The yard width is only
about 70'.

Back to guy anchors... are earth screws really THAT bad?  I was planning on
using 2 screws per line (if necessary) and using an equalizing plate for load-
sharing.  The Rohn screws are rated at 2500 lbs for "normal" soil.
thanks again, 73, and see you in the contests.
Mark N3AVA/0

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