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[TowerTalk] Best second station/multiband vertical?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Best second station/multiband vertical?
From: (Jerry Morris - W5MS-W5KUF-Corpus Christi Amateur Radio Club)
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 04:25:38 -0700
i know lots of local hams who have had trouble getting the r 7000 tuned
up...and the reflector has ben loaded with the same comments....try the
butternut vert i put one up and it works great 73's...w5kuf

Barry Kutner wrote:

> I am thinking about adding a second radio/station here. My
> single tower presently consists of 76 ft of Rohn 45 with a pair of
> TH7s, a 40-2CD and wires on 80/160.  I do NOT want to put up a
> second tower, so looking at a multiband vertical. (Any other ideas?
> Remember. I want to keep it simple.)
> I reviewed the archives of Towertalk this weekend, and see the
> subject of best vertical has been raised before. It seems that most
> peferred the Cushcraft R-7 or R-7000. Is this still the case?
> The R7000 is advertised as no radials needed. Would using radials
> improve performance? What is the recommended height for the vertical?
> Any comments appreciated.
> Tnx/Barry
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