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[TowerTalk] TA-36 vs. Classic 36

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TA-36 vs. Classic 36
From: (Dennis Schaefer)
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 21:28:26 -0500
I just acquired a Mosley antenna, I suppose it is a TA-36.  Of course,
there is no instruction book, but I will order one from Mosley tomorrow.     

I thought it was a Classic 36, but it doesn't have the characteristic
Classic feedpoint device, just the opened driven element like the PRO
models have.  

What is the basic difference between the Classic 36 and the TA-36?  Do they
have the same dimensions but different feed systems?  The TA-33 and CL-33
seem to be  different.  Think the CL-33 has longer boom maybe.

Is the CL-36 an improvement over the TA-36?  Is it easy to make the

I have a CL-33 that is in very good shape.  Can I use a director from the
CL-36 to make a "CL-34"?  I know Mosley made a TA-34, so maybe this has
been done also.

Maybe I oughta order both instruction books (assuming they still have them
available) but I figured the TowerTalkians could give me the finer points
of these antennas.

Thanks,  73,
Dennis  W5RZ
Russellville, Arkansas

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