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Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 22:59:45 EDT
 Greetings from Cushcraft:
     I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Steven Best and I am 
     President of Cushcraft Corporation.  I am writing this e-mail to 
     address the issue of Art Hambleton's (K1ART, formerly K1LL) departure 
     from Cushcraft and Cushcraft's position relative to its amateur 
     First, Art was doing a very good job at Cushcraft and was not asked to 
     leave the company.  Art was appointed to the position of Amateur 
     Product Manager approximately one year ago and was responsible for 
     amateur new product development, amateur advertising, amateur sales, 
     and amateur product support. 
     Our organization has changed considerably over the past year.  I was 
     appointed President last August.  We have hired a new Vice President 
     for our Engineering Department, Adam Alevy (N1FXT); we have hired two 
     additional Engineering Technicians, Danny Horvat (T93M) and Pete 
     Jovanovic (T94OF); and we have appointed Paul Randazzo (NW1U) as our 
     Amateur Customer Support Representative.  At a higher organizational 
     level, our amateur and commercial marketing and sales efforts were 
     combined into one department.
     Cushcraft's engineering department and marketing and sales 
     organization are stronger and better staffed than they have been in 
     over four years.
     With these changes, strengthening both our engineering and marketing 
     and sales departments, Art's position was becoming more sales and 
     customer support oriented and he decided to pursue a different career 
     opportunity elsewhere.
     With regard to our amateur business, I will state without any issues 
     that we are and will remain fully supportive and committed to the 
     amateur marketplace.  This was clearly evident at the recent 
     hamvention in Dayton.  
     In 1998 we have introduced several significant new products - our X7, 
     X9, R6000, our line of HF monobanders and coming soon, the new and 
     improved R7000.  The new R7000 will feature new trap designs improving 
     bandwidth and efficiency.  All of these antennas were jointly designed 
     by Art and Danny Horvat.  Art was chiefly responsible for the 
     mechanical design and Danny was responsible for the electrical design, 
     testing and computer modeling.  
     We are very proud of these antennas and are confident that they 
     represent the best amateur products introduced by any company in the 
     past few years.  Our new products to be introduced later this year and 
     at the 1999 Dayton show will be of similar mechanical quality and offer 
     superb RF performance.  
     Our principal company focus is product quality and superior customer 
     support.  Within a short few weeks we will unveil a new web page where 
     our catalogs and ALL of our instruction manuals will be available for 
     download (free of charge).  The new web page will eventually feature a 
     spare parts price list/order form and answers to the most frequently 
     asked technical questions.
     We are currently in the process of filling the position of Amateur 
     Marketing and Sales Manager.
     Please contact us if you have any questions.
     Regards and 73's
     Steve Best
     Cushcraft Corporation
     PS.  My background is electrical engineering, specializing in antenna 
     design and electromagnetic theory.  I received my Ph.D. in electrical 
     engineering from the University of New Brunswick, Canada.  I will let 
     you know when I receive my ham license.

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