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[TowerTalk] RE: [AMPS] Solid State 1kw amp

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: [AMPS] Solid State 1kw amp
From: (Dave D'Epagnier)
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 14:04:13 -0600

> >I'm intrigued by the prospect of not having to fuss with tuning every
> >time I change frequencies and especially not having to obnoxiously
> tune
> >up on the air.
> Unless you have a 50 plus or minus j zero ohm DC to light antenna, you
> are gonna have to fuss with an antenna tuner as you move about, Dave.
> .  
Not necessarily. Most solid state amplifiers can operate into a 2:1 vswr
or less with no problems. This means no tuning for me.

> .  If hams had been using solid state linear amplifiers since 1910,
> and 
> some scientist invented a temperature-resistant, rebuildable device
> that 
> was 25% more efficient, and did Not require the use of an antenna
> tuner, 
> it would widely hailed as a technological breakthrough.  
I doubt it. Considering the fact that most tube amps have to be tuned on
the air...and rebuilt from time to time.

> >So, I'm looking into designing and building a 1-1.5kw broadband solid
> >state amplifier that needs no tuning, and considering using Motorola
> >MRF-150s and combiners. 
> Why not use two, 50v MRF-430 FETs in Class AB1 push-pull - and you
> won't 
> need combiners?   Motorola has info sheets on the MRF-430.  
        Mainly because MRF-430s are obsolete and no longer manufactured
and are bipolar devices which have lower gain and generally higher IMD
than FETs.

        But, thanks anyway


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