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Subject: [TowerTalk] Bulkhead connectors?
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Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 00:31:35 EDT
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<< Anyone know a good source for (inexpensive) UHF bulkhead connectors
 (UG363's)?? Surplus Sales of Nebraska advertises some for $4, but they were
 out of stock, and I'm not paying $8 each for Amphenol connectors...
Marty,  we can take care of you at good pricing.  Let me check out my specs in
the morning and will quote you directly to your Email.  Let me know if you
would prefer delron or teflon; how many you need.  If you have a fax # I'll
send you a drawing as well to be sure.   Regards,   Steve Davis,  K1PEK
DAVIS RF Co., Commercial wire/cable, RF connectors, custom cable design.
Discounts to hams..........BURY-FLEX ? low loss HF-microwave HDPE coax;
....FLEX-WEAVE? aerial wire. Registered trademarks of Davis Associates, Inc. .
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1-800-328-4773  (1-800-DAVIS RF).
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