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[TowerTalk] Comments on Lighting from a non-expert

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Comments on Lighting from a non-expert
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Date: Wed, 03 Jun 98 10:55:40
     Lightning - Watch Out!!
     I have been reading with some interest the comments about lightning 
     and lightning strikes.  
     Nothing you can buy or build will protect your equipment if you 
     experience a DIRECT lightning strike and the current flows to your 
     Lightning is simply an electrical spark between two charges. With 
     towers, the "strike" can even originate at the tower (floating or 
     grounded) and flow up to the clouds.
     In many cases, a lightning strike at ground can have a peak current of 
     over 35,000 amps (for a few microseconds).  Imagine the size of ground 
     wire required to handle this much current without melting.
     The main purpose of grounding your tower or equipment is to protect it 
     from nearby strikes.  With a nearby strike, the surrounding electric 
     field (up to a mile away) can be so intense that it will blow out many 
     electrical devices. With proper grounding, the fields from nearby 
     strikes can be directed away from your equipment to ground.
     Floating versus grounding?  Airplanes are a prime example of a 
     floating meatllic object and they still get hit.  If you have never 
     been hit, your just lucky!!
     Good Luck
     Steve Best
     Cushcraft Corp.                            

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Comments on Lighting from a non-expert
Author:  Lee Buller <> at InterNet
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Date:    6/3/98 9:25 AM

Isn't it the goal of a good installation NOT to get hit by a lighting bolt? 
That is my goal.  Gee, for years farmers have had lighting rods on the barn. 
Why not towers?
And...if you do get hit...something is gonna fry.  Facts of life!  Lighting 
is fickle, like a tornado, you never know what it will do.  We do know that 
if you get hit then there will be damage.  I guess being a fatalist isn't 
fashionable.  That is why we have insurance.
Let me ask this.  What about the EMP of a lighitng strike.  Anyone have a 
close lighting strike, say a block or two away, and lose CMOS?
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