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[TowerTalk] RFI: Guy wires, EHS, grips, turnbuckles, and thimbles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RFI: Guy wires, EHS, grips, turnbuckles, and thimbles
From: (John Evans - N0HJ)
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 13:00:43 -0600

  I eventually will put up a tower, but right now I plan on using the
technology to design and build a treehouse for my daughter.  Peter
Nelson's book describes techniques for using EHS cabling, thimbles,
and grips for primary and secondary supports for treehouse frames.

  Texas Towers has all the equipment I need but I am looking for
info on what sizes go together, i.e., if I choose 3/16 inch EHS,
what size thimbles, turnbuckles, clamps, and grips do I need.

  Also, does anyone have info on the proper installation of grips??
Are clamps just as good??

  For background info, this treehouse will be mainly supported by
two 2x8 joists between two Ponderosa Pine trees with the deck frame
supported at each corner by the EHS cable up to an eye hook higher up
in the tree.

  I apologize for the somewhat off-topic nature of my question, but
the knowledge will eventually be used to put up 60-70 feet of Rohn
25 I have in my crawlspace.

tnx es 73 - john - n0hj
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