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Saw your message.

Between two bldgs here at BA we have 32 transmitters on the 
air 24 hours per day plus some ham stuff.

We have never been hit and our bldgs are very high and one on 
NY Harbor.

It is very expensive to do it right from a ham stand point.
It is beyond what most hams could spend.

We also use Energy Control Systems units at go across the AC 
line and are rated at 320,000 amps per leg.  A lot of damage 
can come from hits via the power lines.  Units are good for 
10 years from company, even if they explode.  Not cheap.
Remote AM and FM transmitter sites use these unit a lot.
If you have one of these units on your house service entrance 
it will prevent many oaths.

Also, you never see the Master FM antenna go off the 
air(stations) in NYC - Empire State bldg.  Also, World Trade 
Center where the TV xmtrs are located -> 300 foot tower on 
top of one tower.

There is a lot ot this and can try to compile something for 
you but will take a bit.

Most people do not understand lightning - it is not 
electricity as people believe.  A discharge is but not the 

But you are correct - AM, FM, TV and other commercial 
stations do not go off the air and handle, for most part, a 
strike in stride without missing a beat.  True.
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