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Subject: [TowerTalk] Roof mounts
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Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 01:14:18 EDT
Bob, I know that the three foot tripod will hold most of the antennas you
listed but please do yourself a favor and get a bigger one.    You need the
leverage to hold them up no matter what winds you endure.   You ever try to
hold a vertical of the type you speak and do it by yourself in a wind?
Suggest the IIX you spoke of or   
the Create or Glen Martin (similar) and dont settle for anything less than 5-6
feet.   Quad pods will give you a lot of support and the 8 and 10 foot
versions are ready for a small beam and rotor (even pre drilled for most
rotors).    And they will give you the leverage you need in a heavy winds.    

I dont think you want to skimp on a vertical support and you house.
Antennas can come down fast and breakup  and take windows and people with them
(striking someone) and make large marks on the roofs of cars and trucks parked

I really like my DX 88 from High Gain.   The rest are good to and found the
Cushcraft AP8A a winner for the US Olympic Festival a few years ago.   

Good luck.    Get a good large quadpod and go for it if you settle on a

Good DX!


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