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[TowerTalk] no ham antenna restrictions ordinance

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Subject: [TowerTalk] no ham antenna restrictions ordinance
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 09:45:57 -0400
At 09:04 AM 6/4/98 EDT, wrote:
>Recently, there was a notice in my local paper that my municipality was going
>to enact an ordinance restricting towers and antennas.  I called one of the
>three supervisors to see what the ordinance was about and was informed that
>"oh, we don't want to regulate your towers, we want to control commercial

Sounds familiar.  We just went through the same thing here, but it came out
a little differently.  I made a pitch to the planning commission to
explicitly exclude amateur radio towers from the new PCS tower ordinance,
but instead of doing that they decided that ham towers were covered by the
definition of "Essential Public Utility," all of which are exempted from
all requirements of the zoning ordinance!  "Towers" are listed, so they
figure ham towers are covered.  To regulate PCS/cellular towers, they
explicitly excepted them from the EPU definition.  

Of course, this is an unusual place, where the predominant view is that the
local government has no business regulating people's hobby activities ...
how likely does THAT sound, in 1998?

73,  Pete Smith N4ZR
In wild, wonderful, fairly rare WEST Virginia

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