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Subject: [TowerTalk] Franklin's Theory
From: (Dan Arney)
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 17:39:47 -0700
Why not use DeJon Mustard in the (cheap ham varity a knock off) . Stick it in a
32 gallon trash can full of water, with a top over it and a copper tube to a
steam engine driving a generator to charge up the battery enough so you can get
your computrer up and running connected to your cell phone to get on the
reflector with another solution  to a ligthening strike. That is 1 out of
several hundred thousand hits within 2000 miles.

I trhink pphaser/ICE cover it pretty good. The problem is yep it cost bucks.
But a hell of a lot cheaper than FT1000 D's?MPS Icoms/K woods or what ever.
IF you are that cheap you deserve to get a hit. Otherwise disconnect
everything  and pray to the almighty that it will pass you by.

You have not lived until you have been flying at night with thunderstrom lights
on in the cockpit with a baseball cap pulled down over you forehead and get
hit  by LIGHTENING in flight. Let me tell you something the damm laundry lady
really gets pissed off. BEEN THERE DONE THAT MORE THAN forrty years of

And you know what, we never lost any electronics gear.. Burned a few stactic
elimanaters, some  carbon impreganated wicks and also barbs which are more
on the jets. and they work better.

Yaers ago when flying the North Atlantic in prop  Airplanes we used to get a
lot of static build up in the front of  the plane (cockpit) it would not
dissapte so we would open the cockpit door after tellinf the Stews(brooms) to
turn up the cabin lights,then we would ope n the cockpit door and this ball of
St Elmos fire would roll thru the cabin, in the process we would remove our
headphones and turn the 618's off and the volume on the VHF Rec's down. Have
done that as much as 3 or 4 times an hour in right conditions.
Never affected me at all at all at all.
And on top of that. you have never lived untill the flight deck crew has taken
turns in the cockpit with all lights out flying in the Canadain NWT area when
the Northern lights are running. You think a laser show is neat, it sucks
compared to the lights.
We used to lay on our backs in parkas on Ski doos/Bombadiers etc at Resolute in
NWT and watch the lights at 10 to 20 below, and listen to them crackle.
Dan Arney
Hank KN6DI

Stu Greene wrote:

> source:  Ben Franklin's essay on electrical conductivity, circa 1790.
> "Never shall ye place a key in a bottle of mayonaise during a storm, and
> more especially if the key is connected to an elevated kite unless ye enjoy
> toasted mayonaise."
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