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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning article
From: (Phil Florig)
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 13:19:34 -0500
Hi All,

This may be of interest to the current trend in conversation on the lightning

In the May/June 98 issue of Power Quality there is an article titled:
        "Principles of Lightning Protection for Telecommunications Facilities"
                by A.J. Surtees, ERICO Inc., Solon, OH

In part it says:
        "The Six Point Plan recommends:
        1. Capture the direct lightning strike at a preferred point on 
           purpose-designed air terminals
        2. Conduct the lightning current to ground safely via a purpose-
           designed insulated down conductor system to minimize the dangers
          of side-flashing and induction to adjacent RF cables.
        3. Dissipate the energy into a low impedance ground system with
           minimal rise in ground potential
        4. Eliminate earth loops and differentials by creating an equipotential
           grounding plane under transient conditions
        5. Protect equipment from surges and transients on incoming power lines
        6. Protect equipment from surges and transients on communications and
           signal lines to prevent equipment damage and costly operational

There is much more in the article and if anyone needs a copy I will be
happy to
copy. If someone wants to contact the author and see if he has the article on
an electronic file I think the group would appreciate.

Keep up the nice subjects on the reflector as I feel they are useful and 

Thank you,
Phil     W9IXX

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