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[TowerTalk] Re: Radio Shacks (RS) PRO-50MX Headphones w/boom

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Radio Shacks (RS) PRO-50MX Headphones w/boom
From: (Blake M Meinecke)
Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 20:26:11 EDT

Tried to reply direct, but got bounced.

Got one of those Pro-50MX's (30$) a few weeks ago.  I took the boom mic
off, and
retrofitted with Heil clamshell (free at Dayton) and HC-4 (30$) in about
5 minutes. 
(somebody on here or mentioned that it would work, and it did).  Hearing
is  good, used it for WPX last wkend.  Talks very well too.  Plus side: 
mic boom is longer
(it doesn't get eaten).  I don't think it's as comfortable as a Heil,
hurts my ears with my glasses on after about 3 hours, but for 60
bucs.......not too bad.  I also replaced the small phono plug with a big
one (just for convenience to accomodate my rig).  Can't find the mic
specs, think I threw them out in the excitement if they were there,  but
it looks like a little speaker with a clear platic cone (1/2") and a
small coil in the middle (non-engineer, biologist description).  The mic
does not look like something I would use to drive a rig, and the swap was
easy enough.   Getting another to hold an HC-5 wouldn't be a bad idea. 
You would probably have to put on a longer cord if you wanted to wear
them while u climbed ur tower though........

have fun-73


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