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[TowerTalk] Crane lifting a Rohn 25G

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Crane lifting a Rohn 25G
From: (K4SB)
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 21:09:34 -0700
Sure, will work fine. But you don't need to put all the stress on the

Attach your line ( cable ) at the midpoint of the tower, SECURE the
bottom and do a little lift..( after taking the bolts out of course )
If it comes free, a couple of lines attached to the bottom will allow
you to guide the bottom while the crane lowers the beast. 

If it won't come unstuck, put a 2x6 in it below the bolts, and use a

I have used this method by the way by using 2 tall trees. Tie off one
end higher than the midpoint, good cable through the center, and off to
the other tree and down to ground.

Jack it loose ( SECURE that base!! ) and then let out the cable from the
second tree where it's tied off. ( It helps if you have enough slack to
allow the tower to come to the ground before you have to let go..and
take a couple of good turns around the tree to creat enough friction so
it doesn't take you with it ( actually, you do need a little extra help

Dropped a 100 footer with just me and my Kabota this way when I moved.

Funny thing, the neighbors used to bring out lawn chairs and watch..

Best of luck


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