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Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 21:45:07 EDT
Jim Miller, K4SQR is very correct about ham dealer e-mail resonse!

We answer e-mail as soon as we can but we are not camped out on the internet
just waiting for the e-mail to roll in.

Our first choice is still to talk to our customers on the telephone.
Invariably there is the need for a back and forth interchange of information
to really answer questions properly. I know that the e-mail is "free" but now
that we are paying less than 10 cents per minute on the 800 lines, that cost
is not an issue. We can talk a lot faster than typing (especially me, the two
fingered wonder).

If the phones are more busy than ususal, the days end may come with never a
chance to check e-mail.

Please call, Don't write!
Tnx/73 de Gerald, K5GW, Owner/General Manager, Texas Towers

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