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[TowerTalk] Lining up Antenna Elements

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lining up Antenna Elements
From: (Bill Hider, N3RR)
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 02:47:44 +0100

Don't worry too much about it.  The "alignment" is for your eyes only.  The
elements may be off horizontal alignment by as much as 30 degrees, or more,
before it will affect anything related to the antenna pattern.  That said,
while balancing the antenna on a (pair of, or more) saw horses, just eyeball
the boom dead-on from about 30-40 feet away and note the elements and adjust
each of them to have the same "below the boom" distance (from the first element
you adjusted) on each side of the boom (left and right) as you observe it,
while the antenna is balanced.  When you finish, remember, that it really
doesn't matter.  Your eyeballing technique will get it to within less than a
couple degrees of alignment and that's good enough for an antenna that will 10s
(or 20s) of feet above the ground for "looks" and it will not make even one
tenth of a dB of difference electrically.

Bill, N3RR

Larry Burke wrote:

> I've assembled a lot of yagis, but always seem to run into the problem of
> getting the elements to line up with each other in a horizontal plane
> parallel with the ground. I'm about to assemble several more. Any tricks of
> the trade out there for getting this right the first time?
> Larry WI5A
> Friendswood, TX
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