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[TowerTalk] Mast-mounted rotors and assy

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mast-mounted rotors and assy
From: (Paul Booth)
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 18:19:12 -0700
Paul Booth wrote:
> I currently have a quad-pod (not a mini-tower but a 2" mast supported by
> 4 legs at the peak of my roof) with a mast-mounted rotor supporting a
> TA-33jr and a 40m dipole (2' from beam and in parallel with boom).  The
> beam is on top about 2.5ft. from the rotor.  I would like to upgrade to
> a TA-53 with the 30m add-on element and still keep the 40m. mounted
> below as is currently.  However, this increases my total overall wind
> surface area from 5.6ft-sq. to 9.5ft-sq.  Is this going to be too much
> for a mast-mounted rotor assembly?  The rotor is a Ham-M and the manual
> provides no specs. for this kind of arrangement.  Guess I should call
> Hy-Gain too.  Maybe I'm trying to do too much here.  Thanks for any
> advice.
> 73s de WA6IBU, Paul
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First let me thank all those responding to my query and for all of the
excellent advice.  In general, I would summarize the answers I received
as follows:

1)  Yes, this new proposed installation would be overdoing it, not only
for the top of the rotor, the rotor casing, but for the roof itself.
2)  My current arrangement, at even 5.6ft-sq. is probably not a wise
idea for the same above reasons;  the pot-metal of the rotor casing and
the bearing races could be adversly affected by the stress.
3)  Yes, replace the installation with at least a roof tower, and put
the rotor down into the tower assy.
4)  The Ham IV, a later version of the Ham-M, states in its manual that
the capacity is 7.5ft.-sq. when mast mounted.  The Ham-M may be a little
5)  Call the factory and have new grease installed after checking the
rotor out internally first.
6)  Stay with what I already have or put up a real tower (but only after
doing the bathroom, kitchen, porch, etc.  according to my xyl's advice).

Thanks again.

73s de WA6IBU, Paul

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