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[TowerTalk] Lightning Fun!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning Fun!
From: (Kurt Andress)
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 23:19:06 -0700
To All,
Has this been some kinda fun or what?  Steve, I guess you got the holy wars
you were after. HI!

Ok, most important things first! 
It should be obvious why the low fat mayonnaise jar is not as effective as
the real stuff. It doesn't contain enough mass to absorb all of that nasty
energy and be a good dummy load for the lightning strike. There is just no
substitute for real mayonnaise.

Now to the fun stuff!
We should charter a bus and all go to Socorro, NM this summer and play with
the lightning researchers.
This way we could drink lots of beer and test all of our ideas in a real
life laboratory. The guy with the most successful experiments gets to drink
for free!

Then, to the boring stuff!
There appears to be 4 schools of thought, in this thread, on lightning
#1) Stay on-line and protect everything properly to prevent damage. But,
this is too expensive for most of us.
#2) Disconnect everything, everytime it looks like lightning.
#3) Fuzzy looking things are some kind of magic that can make lightning
strike elsewhere!
#4) Lightning does what it damn well pleases, there is nothing we can do
but get ready to build a Lightning Ark so we can all sail away if it takes
control of the planet!

I just have 4 questions:
#1) Is the cost of proper on-line protection greater than the cost of
#2) Where does all that radiated energy go on the floating cables, that are
not grounded?
#3) If the bristle brushes work so well for some, why did I see a video
tape of the Orlando, Fl. airport traffic control tower get hammered 3 times
in 5 minutes, while it was covered with these things? It looked more like a
porcupine, than a control tower.
#4) I am an International distributor for tin foil! Why haven't you been
ordering your Ark sheilding from me?

Let the fun continue!
73, Kurt

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