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Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 11:25:16 EDT
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<< Any tricks of
 the trade out there for getting this right the first time? >>

1. Place the boom on a couple of saw-horses. Attach a piece of mast to the
boom-to-mast bracket and secure. Make it long enough to stick in the dirt for

2. Get a "corner level." (It has bubble levels in all 3 axes) Ty-wrap it to
the mast near the boom-to-mast bracket and level the boom horizontally and the
mast vertically.

3. Install the elements from the middle-out. Level each element with a torpedo
level, while someone keeps an eye on the corner level.

4. Secure the elements, then give it a final "eyeball" check.

This works particularly well with KLM antennas 'cause they have a nice flat
spot on the insulators to place a level.

Tom, K5RC/7

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