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[TowerTalk] Convert TH6DXX to a 20-17-12m TH7DX & Phase on 20m

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Convert TH6DXX to a 20-17-12m TH7DX & Phase on 20m
From: (DavidC)
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 12:00:34 -0400
Anyone out there who has converted a TH6DXX to a TH7DX on 20-17-12?
If not, can anyone offer guidance as to how I might wisely do this?
Also, what does the TH7DX upgrade kit and new plastic for the upgrade and
my existing TH7DX beam sell for?

BTW:  I asked Telex the following:

Could you plug this configuration into your computer model for the TH6DXX
and produce a kit (like your TH6DXX - TH7 upgrade kit) that would upgrade
the TH6DXX to a TH7 (for 20m), change the 15 & 10m sections to 17 and 12m,
and provide for phasing at 20m?

Their Reply:

We don't have a computer model of the TH6DXX.  Wish we did, but the trap
models have not been refined to a point that they can be used for design.

I also asked:

If the TH6DXX were upgraded to a TH7DX would it then be a good match at
Even if one were 20-15-10 and the other  20-17-12?

Their Reply:

Yes, if you had a TH7DX (unmodified) and a 20-17-12 TH7DX, then the 20
meter bands could be phased for gain, theoretically.

So, you all know as much as I do!  HELP!  73, DavidC  AA1FA

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