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[TowerTalk] Trying to decide tower type

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Trying to decide tower type
From: (stan)
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 20:16:09 -0400
Pat Chiles wrote:

> I would appreciate some feedback on the following questions.  I am
> trying to
> make a decision on the type of tower that I will put up for my
> retirement.
> I have most things figured out, but lack experience with the
> following.
> I want to put up atleast a 70 foot crank-up or Rohn 45G with a TH7DX
> and
> 402CD. For those who hate crank-ups, my xyl hates guys wires even
> more.
> 1.  Is there an alternative guy point solution other than the 4x4x4
> holes and
>     cement slab called for by the Rohn manual?  i.e screw ins????

Consider using the 10" or larger screw in anchors the utility company
uses for their power poles.a commercial electrical construction firm
could quote you on the job.

I considered using the screw in anchors and received a quotation of $65
per anchor installed.
Depending on soil condition (its hard to scre into solid granite......)
this could be a cost effective solution for you. Critical point is to be
able to have reasonable access by the big truck that srews in the
anchors. Availability was 2 weeks so the installer could coordinate with

> 2.  How does one unload an 1800 lbs of crank-up from the truck?  Is
> the truck
>     a flatbed or enclosed?  Would like to hear from those who have
> done it.

all bets are off....    no telling what kind of truck will deliver, nor
will you have a choice....

Nevertheless you are responsible for removing it.
A fork truck and loading dock would be ideal.
second choice would be to have  a backhoe lift it off at the towers
center of gravity and put it where you want it.

I guess the worse choice would be to have all (15+) ham buddies come
over and manually remove it and place it where needed..

My 0.2$

Stan, WA1ECF   Cape Cod, MA   FN41sr

> Thanks,
> Pat, K8PC
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