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[TowerTalk] Building New Antenna Farm?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Building New Antenna Farm?
From: (Brian K. Short)
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 01:44:21 +0000
> you wanna farm will keep you out of the bars, to some

Either keep me out, or send me there I guess ;)

>What bands do you operate....are you interested in contesting.....what

160-10 and some V/UHF, yes I like CW contests and RTTY, though I've
been rather limited to the "domestic" contests from my home QTH.

>population centers are you looking to hit......what bearing are they in

EU (and east coast) and JA chiefly and Carribean (NE, NW, and SW)

>reference to you have any existing natural supports (trees) to

no, just cactus

>aid with LF wire you plan a contest station where more than
>one band will be active at one time and you require independent antenna
>direction control.....and what about separation to minimize interstation

Well, to some degree, but single op is the main goal.

>There are a lot of questions, these are just a few to begin with......first
>address what it is you find the most fun, and make sure you have that
>covered as far as antennas to support that band/type of operating......

CW, HF, RTTY, DX. Want something for all HF bands 160-10, but especially
something usable on 80 and 160m where I have been deprived.

>You do not have any problems with restrictive covenants I hope!

Nope. It is "raw" desert land.

My initial thoughts are a single tower with LPDA or tri-bander for 30/20-10,
small 40m yagi, vertical "array" for 80m or ?, and inverted L for 160m.

And go from there.

OBTW, here in the city I have a HyGain HG-54HD (which I can't crank up
fully because of city rules) with KLM KT-34A and 40M2A. They are far too
low at this QTH. I could move these antennas there (and make the KT-34A
into a KT-34XA, perhaps). Just hate to destroy my home station... A larger
40m yagi would be nice, but just having it up higher would be a big improvement.

73, Brian

"I distrust a close-mouthed man. He generally 
 picks the wrong time to talk and says the wrong 
 things. Talking is something you can't do judiciously 
 unless you keep in practice"
 - Casper Gutman, The Maltese Falcon
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