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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 01:19:02 EDT
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<< *** Please help if you can, this could make a difference at my antenna
 hearing *** >>
Mike,  You might want to bounce this off K1VR directly.  As you probably know,
he is a lawyer and has turned his personal tower approval battles into helpful
info for hams.  He is a lawyer who has probably advised many a ham; I am a
business man and ham who has dealt with many lawyers on both sides of the
table.  My experience makes me wonder if what you are being confronted with is
backed by statute or ordinaces or whether some bias is being applied to you as
an individual.  If a commercial entity complied with codes, or sought
variances, they certainly wouldn't put up with possible "variations" from the
reg's.  Some states, like Mass. have statutes that prohibit a local zoning
bylaw from being created if it would restrict amateur radio antenna
installation.  Also, I have had town planning board experience for five years.
Albeit, I don't know your full story or the regulatory measures involved but
my gut tells me something may be wrong in this scenario.  I can tell you,
possibly belatedly, that a professional and non-confrontational demeanor on
your part while dealing with any regulatory official often is very effective.
However, if in the end  you feel that you have been biased against, appeal it,
to include counsel on your side.  Good Luck, Steve Davis,  DAVIS RF Co.
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