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Re[2]: [TowerTalk] CUSHCRAFT 40-2CD HELP

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Subject: Re[2]: [TowerTalk] CUSHCRAFT 40-2CD HELP
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Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 08:01:24 -0400
     We acquired a used 40-2CD (40 meter 2 element yagi) and wanted to test 
     it out after assembly.  Assembly went fine after putting on some new 
     hardware.  We tried testing it on a step ladder just to see if it was 
     in the ballpark.  Turns out that the resonant freq is at 6.90 MHZ, and 
     above 3 to 1 SWR in the ham band.  I know it's close to the ground, 
     but what else can be done before putting it up?  Is this normal?  Any 
     other way to test it?  Is following the Cushcraft assembly 
     instructions dimensions usually close to being correct once it's up?  
     Any help appreciated.
                             73 Denis, W4DC

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